As you may have gathered, we’re not like most real estate agencies out there. We believe that with a combination of brilliant marketing, clever negotiating skills and a genuine care for your best interests, we don’t need to use sleazy sales tactics. We don’t need to offer free plasma TVs to convince people to sell their homes with us either. Our results speak for themselves — and if they’re not enough, so do our long line of happy clients.


We understand that choosing an agent is scary and not a decision to be rushed. So take your time, read some more, and when you’re ready, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to meet you for a coffee so you can pick our brains and decide if we’re the real deal or not!


Get to know us a little better

Robyn Wigmore
Principal & Licensed Real Estate Agent

A Gold Coast local for 23 years, Robyn has spent the last 10 of those breaking the stereotype of what it means to be a real estate agent. While her results are often record-breaking (from days on market to final sale price), Robyn’s success all boils down to the fact that she actually cares about her buyers and sellers, putting their needs first, even when it means going above and beyond the regular call of duty. Robyn has sold over 400 homes across the Gold Coast and is best known for her work in Mudgeeraba, Worongary, Robina and surrounds, selling countless family homes, dual living and acreages in the area. She knows what a stressful and overwhelming experience the sales process can be, so her approach is hands-on from the first meeting right through to well after the sale, taking care to provide you with the smoothest transition into your next chapter as humanly possible. “I love the Stephen Covey quote that says, ‘Business moves at the speed of trust’. My entire business has been built on referrals meaning I’m only ever as good as my last sale. I know a lot of real estate agents today are relying on manipulative sales techniques, but with that kind of approach, no one wins. I believe that honesty, integrity and good old fashioned hard work is what leads to the best results.”

Jill Crampton
Licensed Real Estate Agent and JP (Qual)

Jill joins Welcome Change Realty as an experienced Gold Coast real estate agent with extensive experience in property conveyancing, development and sales. Jill’s specialty is selling to over 50s, retirees and downsizers. In the late 1980s Jill and her husband relocated to Thailand where they set up and managed the first International Business Centre in Bangkok. During her time living in Thailand Jill founded community groups, taught English in her local Thai community and learned to speak Thai! Since moving back to the Gold Coast in 2002, Jill and her husband undertook several unit development projects around Queensland. These projects positioned Jill perfectly to move into development sales when she became a Licensed Real Estate Agent six years ago. As a Rotarian, Justice of the Peace and Marriage Celebrant, Jill is qualified to offer so many extras as part of her service! A dedicated founder and member of various community and church groups, she is a well respected and valuable addition to Welcome Change Realty.

Potts Driscoll
Licensed Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer

In the mid 1960's, Potts’ grandparents built a small holiday house in Palm Beach and planted a mango seedling in their backyard. Potts has been associated with that humble home, that now huge mango tree and the ever changing Gold Coast community through-out his entire life. He has witnessed things grow! Potts operated his own Real Estate Agency for more than ten years. He then left the sales game and worked as a freelance auctioneer, allowing him more time to care for his elderly parents over the last few years. On the side, Potts is well traveled and a passionate social dancer. He's that keen that he teaches several styles and dances at his open homes! Elated to have discovered Welcome Change Realty, Potts was allured to their aligned values of client care and ethics in this industry, jumping at the opportunity to join the team in 2019. Potts will ensure the sale or purchase of your property is as pleasant and as entertaining as is possible ... and you might learn a few dance steps or enjoy a fresh home grown mango as part of that process.

Susie Trelford
Sales Agent

Susie has been a Gold Coast local for more than 35 years, raising a family and renovating homes with her builder husband along the way. She put her sales and marketing skills to work in fundraising campaigns for school and sports clubs for over 20 years before pairing her passions for property and sales and becoming a real estate agent 6 years ago. Having been on all sides of the deal at various times herself, Susie understands the buyer’s, seller’s and investor’s perspectives, so she compassionately and skilfully negotiates the best results for her clients’ biggest assets. Whether you’re a close friend or it’s your first meeting, Susie’s honesty, positivity and determination to go above and beyond what's expected make her a refreshing change in the real estate industry.

Emily Arbuckle
Client Services Manager

Emily was drawn to a career in real estate after she purchased her first home. Many of the sales agents she met weren't interested in her as a first home buyer and most never followed up! She knew there must be more engaged agents out there and resolved to learn from and support them in changing the industry. Thats when she found Robyn! Emily joined Robyn in 2018 to support her in keeping on top of day-to-day jobs and providing a complete service to clients. Between loading listings and preparing contracts, she’s often the one to answer the phone and respond to enquiries. With Emily taking care of administration and office management, Robyn and the other agents have more time to nurture buyers and sellers.

Kat Rodrigues
Marketing Manager

Katherine has been working with Robyn for 5 years now (from PA to office manager, sales associate to marketing manager) and knows her business inside and out. She writes and designs most of Robyn's marketing materials, oversees her social media accounts, and occasionally jumps back in to assist with sales and administration when Robyn is on leave.